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Bernie Bus and Friends is an exciting new series of adventures and children's stories,

created by the British wooden toy brand Indigo Jamm.


Bernie Bus and Friends uses engaging storylines and timeless illustrations

to introduce children to other countries, cities, cuisine and culture across the globe.


The adventures of Bernie Bus and Friends can be seen in our 4 feature books available at all good book shops now.



Throughout the adventures of Bernie Bus and Friends new characters will be introduced with each new adventure. Here's who we have introduced so far.

Bernie Bus

Bernie is a bright red bus with an adventurous spirit and fun personality. Ready to explore the sights of the world with his best friend Evelyn.

Evelyn is based on the authors’ daughter. She’s an inquisitive traveller with a hunger to learn about other cultures.

Joe is a fun-loving, Australian surf dude. He is eager to take his friends on an epic adventure, he encourages new experiences, including surfing, diving and camping.

Colin Campervan is Joe’s trusty surfboard-carrying, retro-styled camper van, leading the way on Bernie and Evelyn’s first exciting road trip around Australia.

Flying Felix is a very kind and helpful friend of Bernie’s who offers to take our inquisitive duo to their next destination. Bernie and Evelyn get to experience the best in comfort and company for their long flight ahead.

Jolly Jack pirate ship is an old friend of Bernie’s who takes Bernie and Evelyn on their first voyage of discovery. Led by Captain Steve and his swashbuckling crew.

Patsy Plane is the partner of Percy plane they fly from place to place seeing friends and taking them to far reach places only Planes can visit. Anyone for a spot of wing walking?

Percy is a high flying propeller plane keen to take his friend Evelyn to different places Bernie just can't go.

Safari car Tess is a friend of Bernie's who is more than happy to take Evelyn around the sites of South Africa on Safari. There isn't many places this little off roader can't go.

Fay is a Safari guide. She really knows her stuff when it comes to animals that roam the savannas of South Africa. Fay and Evelyn have become great friends on their trips.

Polar bear & mum

A worried mummy Polar bear has lost its cub due to the changes in their habitat. Bernie & Evelyn to the rescue!

Rosie Rescue Helicopter

Rosie is a key member of the Indigo Jamm rescue crew. She is always ready to help anyone in an emergency. Flying high above everything there isn't much she cannot see.

Dan & Huskies

Dan knows all about the Alaska where he grew up. He is also aware how climate change has impacted his country and its wildlife. He will do everything he can to educate people as to how they can make a difference.



These are some products we have created so far and we are frequently adding new characters and books to the series. Our wooden toys are all made of sustainable rubber wood and are a great alternative to plastic toys.

We are always looking for environmentally responsible producers who would like to create products incorporating Bernie Bus and Friends. We recently added a range T-shirts to our collection.


Interested in Bernie Bus and Friends for your products? We are also looking to pilot a series.


Or if you would prefer to talk with us give us a call:

+44 (0)1483 201075

Indigo Jamm 

Gate House, Dunsfold Road, Loxhill, Surrey. Gu8 4BN


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